Geotechnical and hydro-geological studies
2nd degree - GTF department certified geotechnical laboratory
Execution of dynamic penetration (DP) and static penetration (CPTU) sampling

Equipments of Geoter Suceava

prospectare geotehnica

  • Field prospecting equipments

    - manual and mechanical drills;
    - dynamic penetrometer with light, medium, heavy and ultra-heavy cone A and B (Dynamic Probing - DP);
    - static penetrometer with electric cone and piezocone (CPTU); prospecting depth 25 - 30 m.

laborator autorizat suceava

  • Certified geotechnical laboratory - 2nd degree

- instrumentation and equipments for physical-mechanical laboratory tests, department of geotechnics and foundation land (License no. 1908/10.10.2009 issued by the State Inspectorate for Constructions)

Transport auto

  • Vehicles, IT
    and specialized software.