Geotechnical and hydro-geological studies
2nd degree - GTF department certified geotechnical laboratory
Execution of dynamic penetration (DP) and static penetration (CPTU) sampling

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          The main beneficiaries of our services are: design companies, legal and private persons, budgetary units from Suceava County and adjacent counties.

investigatii geotehnice


          It is the geotechnical basic documentation necessary for the designing of any construction, being part of the technical documentation necessary for the approval of the execution of construction works, according to Law no. 59/29.07.1991 regarding the approval of the execution of construction works.
Geotechnical documentations for constructions must be elaborated in compliance with normative NP 074-2004, their nature and content differing according to the designing stage and geotechnical class of the work.
          The purpose of geotechnical investigation is to provide the necessary information for the proper and economical designing of the construction works, indicating the following elements: the sequence of geological layers of the foundation ground and their physical-mechanical parameters in the active area of the foundations; any special conditions of the site or difficult foundation grounds; the hydro-geological conditions, the seismicity parameters and the freezing depth of the studied area; the geotechnical category of the work; recommendations with respect to the designing and execution of the building, subject to the characteristics of the foundation ground.

         Elaboration stages of the geotechnical study :
- documenting and exploring of the site and establishing of the necessary prospection works;
- exploring of the field by geotechnical probing /drilling, sampling of turbid and unturbid soils, water sampling, dynamic penetration probing;
- analysis within our geotechnical laboratory of soil samples taken from the site, to establish the physical and mechanical parameters;
- elaboration of the geotechnical study (documenting, processing of field and laboratory data, conclusions) and checking of the documentation with respect to the Af requirement (strength and stability of foundation grounds and ground massifs).

     When contracting a geotechnical study  the following documents are necessary:
- subject data provided by the construction designer (height condition, built area, constructive characteristics, importance category, importance class)
- development site plan, site plan;
- copy of the Urban Planning Certificate.

             Prospecting depth 25 linear meters .

  • EXECUTION OFSTATIC PENETRATION SAMPLING WITH ELECTRICAL CONE AND PIEZOCONE (CPTU); tests for the dissipation of water pressure from pores;
             Prospecting depth 30 linear meters .

  • EXECUTION OF MECHANICAL DRILLINGS in dry / direct circulation system, with unturbid assays sampling in thin wall nozzles; hydro-geological prospecting drills, water quality assessment and piezometric level monitoring drills;
             Prospecting depth 30 linear meters .


           The following tests are performed within the 2nd degree certified laboratory of GEOTER SRL:

- density;
- volume weight;
- humidity;
- plasticity limits;
- compressibility by edometric method;;
- grounds consolidation;
- direct shearing strength;
- compacting characteristics - Proctor test.

         Its purpose is to help the beneficiary in the assessment of the ability to adapt the construction plan to the site, as it is executed with a low volume of prospecting and test works, and to allow the qualitative assessment of the geotechnical conditions on the site.
         The preliminary geotechnical approval cannot supersede the geotechnical study and generally serves in the preliminary designing stages (pre-feasibility study and/or feasibility study), as well as in the assessment of a buildable land before purchasing.

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